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My Bro's Gym "Phoenix Custom Fitness"

My brother Skip Hardy and I completed the last two years of our Bachelor degrees at the University of Utah at the same time in the Spring of 2011. I wrapped up my degree in History and Skip completed his in Exercise and Sports Science.

One of the best parts of being in school at the same time as Skip was that I was able to join him one or two times a week at the U of U's student gym. I had gone through periods of my life of having a gym membership, but always felt pretty intimidated and clueless with exactly how I should be spending my time at the gym. These workouts were great because I could just shadow Skip and pick up instruction on technique, plus digestible bits of information he would pass on from his academic studies on nutrition and human anatomy and physiology.

After graduating, Skip was hired on at the Trolley Corners 24 Hour Fitness in Salt Lake City and began building up his individual clients and weekly group training classes. I would attend Skips' weekly 30 minute killer core class, but began to miss the workouts I would do with him when we were in school. Fast forward several years later and Skip hit a point where he was ready to create a gym attuned to his personal vision where he could completely customize the training experience for individual clients and small groups. Enter "Phoenix Custom Fitness." Skip realized his vision with a family friend who owned a business in a large warehouse space in Salt Lake City and was looking to have a boutique gym facility in the warehouse.

When Skip made the move into his own space I was thrilled! Myself and other "Skip followers" began attending bi-weekly circuit training class that provided a complete work out experience in a small group setting. Over the years it has been incredible to see how Skip has built out the space in creative ways with equipment like battle ropes and tractor tires, and of course all the traditional weights and machines you would find in a larger gym.

As is built into the name of the business, I love that whether it is a one-on-one session or a small group class, Skip is able to customize the experience to the people that are right in front of him. I have seen him help so many of different ages, backgrounds and body types in the journey of self care and cannot imagine my own life without the benefit of his expertise.

With the pandemic, Skip is taking every precaution and care to keep everyone safe. The space and equipment are thoroughly cleaned in between clients, there are a very low numbers of bodies in the room (if not just you and him), masks are worn, and a large industrial fan is in use to constantly circulate the air. For rates and to book an individual session or enroll in one of the small group circuit training classes, email Skip at

Stay safe and take care.

Much Love,



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