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The Evolution of Creation

Most of the time we see the fully finished, packaged, ready-to-go versions of creations. This is awesome, however I know how daunting it can feel to start creating in the first place. Whether you are wanting to put in a garden this spring, write your first blog post or take on a new challenge in your yoga practice, we need to remember to allow it to be a process, enjoy the journey and not get stuck obsessing on the outcome.

Last Friday our band The Hardy Brothers released our second single of 2021 called Bird on a Wire. This rockin' blues song was written over a decade ago by my brother Zach. The cool thing is that we have a string of three recordings dating back to 2011 that show the evolution of it.

The first recording is just of Zach and I doing a practice run through in my first basement recording space Pearl Studios. It's really fun to listen to this early rough draft. The full structure is in place, but you can hear that we are in the process of discovering how the pieces fit together.

Next is a recording six months later at an old club 5 Monkeys in Salt Lake with a band Zach and I were in with a few other good friends called The Brumbies. It’s a rough recording where I had brought some basic recording gear to the venue, but it is so exciting to hear the song up on its feet with a full band rocking out to a crowd.

The third version is a demo recording we did in Pearl Studios half a year later. For never having gotten properly mixed and mastered it holds up really well. And now there is the official version that you can groove out to on any music platform of your choice! The whole thing was engineered and produced from Zach’s studio Silent Green Records. This version puts a huge smile on my face because it shows the maturity and time put in.

Creation is messy and explorative by its nature. We need to remember to be bold, stick with it and trust that our process will culminate in something meaningful. Sometimes that takes days, sometimes weeks and sometimes a decade. I can't wait to see and hear what you create!

Much Love,


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