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Last Sunday I sat in on an amazing recording session at my brother Zach's studio Silent Green Records for the next single our band The Hardy Brothers will be releasing in April. It is a driving, funk/rock tune written by our brother Skip called Can't Stop the Feelin. Earlier in the recording process it became clear that something was missing: horns. Although we have not recorded horns with our band before, I have had the pleasure of teaching yoga alongside two incredible yoga teachers who happen to also be two incredible horns players. Enter Scott Moore and Jason Lawner.

Scott teaches all over the world and has created an online library of classes, published writings, and a yoga nidra teacher training ( On top of that he is a studied and practiced saxophone player with chops to lull you into a restful savasana or get your funky feet moving.

Jason studied music in Miami honing in his skills on the trumpet while at the same time studying and teaching Anusara yoga. In 2016 he made the move to Salt Lake City and not only plugged right into teaching yoga and performing music, but also began working as a realtor with High Road Properties.

Scott and Jason have both played in a killer funk/soul group called The Soulistics and when I hit them up to come record, they gave an enthusiastic yes. I cannot tell how fun it was to watch them sync up and work! After nailing the main riff they recorded harmonies and built intro and bridge sections on the fly, letting the years of theory, ear training and performing pour out in a powerhouse of sound.

What inspired me to write about this was not only the impact of witnessing these two artfully collaborate, but also the perspective of how these two have artfully synced up the different passions of their lives. You might know them from the yoga class they taught, as those horns players you danced your ass off to, as the real estate agent who sold you your home, or as the writer who filled your imagination. I know all of us are multifaceted beings and I hope that this story and this song inspire you to keep harmonizing all the pieces of your own life, letting your light shine bright.

Mucho Amor,



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