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Back to the Earth

My wife Shazzy and I headed out to the desert for our first camping trip of the season this last weekend! Although I have had a number of really great days this winter playing in the mountains and foothills, I cannot tell you how sweet it was to spend a string of uninterrupted days in the desert during its transition into spring.

Stepping away from the city full of all its modern conveniences and communication and relocating to beautiful, isolated canyons, hilltops and valleys does something for my being that I have told my wife equates to a dolphin coming back up to the surface for air. Immersion in wide open country, where your camp is the only sign of civilization, opens the mind and senses to a whole symphony of natural elements and celestial bodies pulsing in perfect unison - it is a reminder that as our city life cruises on with its own sense of time and importance, the earth we live on has its own much larger sense of time and much larger scope of what is important. It comforts me to experience this perspective.

We totally brought along our desert rug (#ruglife) which I scored a few years back in the discount section of Ikea and our yoga mats. Sometimes when we camp a spontaneous long yoga session will take place during the day. Other times it's more just about pulling the rug up close to the fire at night and working through some of your favorite yoga poses between sips of wine and good bits of conversation. I was able to film my YouTube yoga class for this week on the rug with the gorgeous back drop of the desert! I’ll be posting the class on my YouTube channel tomorrow - stay tuned! However you are spending your springtime I hope you have a chance to be outside and let your body and mind soak up some nature.

Much love, James


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