The Tin Man Does Yoga

This cartoon by Michael Vash cracks me up every time I see it! It is so on point and reminds me of the first time my mom took me to a yoga class in high school. My body was super tight and I remember the stretches hurting so bad. I left that class with zero intention of ever doing yoga again.

It's the amazing part to me about the practice - years later I find it a crucial part of my life. I really started getting into yoga in college and after a couple of weeks a shift took place in my body where the stretching stopped feeling painful and started feeling so good. These days if my wife or I miss practicing we'll exclaim to one another, "I need yoga so bad!"

So let's do ourselves a favor this week and just like Dorothy getting the rusty, stiff tin man dancing and singing with a little bit of oil, spend some time breathing and stretching, allowing the stiffness to relax and the rust to fade away. Enjoy your practice!

Much Love,


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