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Happy New Year!!!

You guys I cannot believe this year. 2020 is going to stand out for the rest of our lives. It's hard to know exactly what to say as we wish it goodbye (banishing the bad parts of it back to whatever demonic realm of hell it was spawned from) and enthusiastically welcome in the New Year! I had no idea that when I wrote up my first of these weekly newsletters back in March, when the pandemic first shut down much of the U.S., that we would have traveled so far down this road with miles yet to go.

I know every year of life has its shares of ups and downs, but man this year has really held some big downs and really pulled through with some huge ups. My heart grieves for the loss and fully embraces the hope.

I have always been a huge fan of intention setting, particularly with each new year and wanted to share with you my list as it stands so far. Please note that some of these are in a post-covid-everyone-is-vaccinated-life-feels-like-normal existence that hopefully is coming sooner rather than later!

In 2021 I intend to:

1. Practice gratitude in my daily routine.

2. Buy a home with my Shazzy in S.L.C.

3. Record/release/perform the next album with the Hardy Brothers.

4. Camp in Hawaii.

5. Hike/bike/yoga/swim/board/ski/run/surf.

6. Sleep every night like a champ.

7. Let every one of my loved ones know how much I love them.

8. Be patient.

9. Charge our electric cars with solar power from our new home.

10. Run another amazing yoga retreat in Colombia on Lake Guatapé!

I am so grateful to have all of you amazing folks to share this journey with, even if for a time it is over Zoom or behind masks. Like it or not, this year has bonded us for life and it is clear to me now more than ever that we are all 100% in this together.

Have fun, stay safe, and let's make 2021 the best year yet!




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