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33rd Lap Around The Sun

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"The Hardy Heart" monthly blog - March 2017

I'm sitting upstairs at my desk at home composing this news flash to you on the day that marks my 33rd lap around the sun - definitely basking in the birthday bliss! One of my friends joked with me today about this being an "adult" birthday because I have to work all day. And its true, I taught yoga to the teenage boys in treatment this morning, I am getting this email out, I'll be fixing some bugs on my yoga and music websites, I'm shooting to get a guitar practice in for a recording session this weekend, and then I have yoga classes at 21st Yoga at 4:30pm (my older brother Judd is guest teaching for me so I can take class with my students) and 8:45pm. I've been telling myself lately that I wish there were a couple more hours in the day (particularly after I am done with work at home), but there is this overall deep feeling of gratitude for entering my 33rd year on planet earth with an abundance of creative work in front of me and an abundance of friendship and love surrounding me.

and 'sweet baby James' on a Thanksgiving day sleigh ride up at the Homestead in Heber, Utah. She passed away over a decade ago, but I got a chance this morning to meditate for a few minutes and feel her love and celebrate the amazing life that she led. Friends, I wish happiness and health for all of you and invite you to join me in taking a deep breath in...and a slow breath thanks for all that we've got - here's to life! Mucho Amour, - James Hardy

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