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10 Minute Yoga (Bite Sized Sessions)

Happy Valentine's Day! Sending all my love to you and yours. I am stoked to share with you a new yoga class that I just uploaded to my YouTube channel: 10 Minute Yoga! Our lives can get so full that some days it is not possible to get in that hour plus yoga session. This is a great way to supplement your yoga practice, tapping into some much needed self care and then diving back in to your work.

I have blocks of time carved out during my week where I know I can get in a super deep, long practice, but I have come to rely on these little bite sized practices to help start my day, wrap up a hike or target certain areas of my body that need some TLC. The first class that I've uploaded focuses on warming up and stretching out your spine, moving through Cat & Cow, Forward Folds, Spinal Twists and more. The next one will be all about the hips! And don't worry, I will still be uploading my weekly, hour long Power Flow classes.

Enjoy your practice, stay safe and I'll reach out next week!

Much Love,



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