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Led Zeppelin

Glow Yoga

Rescheduled to May 1st & 2nd

with James HArdy & Katie Schiffgen

Colombia Yoga Retreat 

August 2nd-8th, 2020


Restore + Nidra

With James Hardy & Ashley Polidori

Sunday, March 1st 1:30pm-3:30pm

at 21st Yoga

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Our Story

Shazzy and James making yoga video

With the knowledge that doing what you love leads to living a happy and fulfilling life, James Hardy and Shazzy Tapias teamed up their adventurous, barefoot yogi spirits to co-found One Love Yoga and continue to live their innate passions and chosen career paths of writing music, making awesome products, and teaching yoga.

One Love Yoga believes in the psychological and physical healing benefits yoga has to offer, but also believes in the healing power of creation - taking ideas out of your head, through your hands and into the world.  Creating beautiful products by hand fosters pride, satisfaction, and deeper connectivity with the inner being.  This is why One Love Yoga prides itself with curating one-of-a-kind items with the best local artists and tribal nation artisans.


Hailing from the tropical shores of the Florida coast and the desert shores of the Great Salt Lake, One Love Yoga offers weekly classesmonthly events, destination retreats, artisan hand crafted accessories, jewelry, apparel and online instruction for the yogi lifestyle.

'One Love Yoga' is an homage to the work and message of the great musician Bob Marley.  The word ‘yoga‘ translates from Sanskrit into English as 'union'.  What better union than the love and creativity that binds and surrounds us all! 


James & Shazzy

One Love Yoga 

"Welcome to the Pride"

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