My Thanksgiving at Standing Rock (pt. 1)

(photo cred Mike Mattheson)

"The Hardy Heart" monthly blog - November 2017

My Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

This last Thanksgiving marks a year since I caravanned with my partner Sharon Tapias and our friends Lucy Dillon and Mike Mattheson to South Dakota to the Lakota Sioux resistance at Standing Rock to deliver supplies and money from a fundraiser concert and drive we held at 21st Yoga. I have never been able to fully put all of my thoughts together on this extraordinary experience that has etched such a deep and poignant mark in my life. I hope that in writing this blog piece I can express to you the emotions I felt and some of what I learned. As I began writing, so much started coming out that I realized to even begin to do it justice I needed to split it up into two parts. Here is part one of my story; I will release part two the end of December. As always, thanks for reading/listening. This is an important chapter of