My Journey Into Yoga

The Uintas National Forest Utah

photo cred Jess Leonard Photography

"The Hardy Heart" monthly blog - August 2017

One of my main yoga teaching positions is at a therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys called the Gateway Academy. My brother Skip and I are the fitness team for the school. There are two groups of fifteen boys that switch off Monday through Thursday morning between yoga and circuit training. It has been a very challenging and equally rewarding job. Inside of the groups there is a mix of those boys that enjoy yoga and those boys that would much rather not be doing yoga. There is open enrollment at the school so we have boys graduating and entering at different times throughout the year. We recently began our fall term and I have a tradition of starting each term out by taking the class period to try to get the group on the same page by contextualizing the practice. We'll identify where yoga comes from, the language it is written in, how it was passed down, how the yoga postures and breath fit into the larger picture and why the school has chosen to have the boys practice yoga as part of their fitness regimen. As I walked into the dining hall converted into yoga studio to teach the first class of the t