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By Shazzy Tapias


Namaste my Lovely Star Seeds! I am Shazzy, your Pink Fairy Relationship Guide. I'm a 35 year old divorced yogi, clairvoyant, relationship guide, and after many years of being disappointed and heart broken by most men that have walked in and out of my life, I've mastered the secrets to finding Your Twin Flame! I am your heart advocate and I call on you to share your needs with me; this is a safe place where judgment and societal expectations are thrown out the window.  Sharing my secrets and being your heart advocate is my calling in life. Check out my videos on the YouTube links below...Namaste lovers. 

Are you interested in having a one on one session with me? I offer one free 15 minute soul "I hear your Heart" session and 30 & 60 minute paid sessions. Give yourself permission to love yourself, find peace and harmony by allowing us to work together. 

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30 minute Soul Gaze Session

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Find Your Twin Flame Session


Break up As an Empath

As empaths, we already have high emotional feelers, how do we stay centered and navigate through breakups as the healers and helpers that we are in this universe? Should we remain friends or not?

To Chase or Not to Chase a Man 

Never chase a man, as long as you want him to stick around for the long hall. Let's practice some self control, and let him chase you!

Dating- Red Flags are Red!

Pay attention to red flags and protect your heart from being broken!!! Please comment,  I'm here to answer your questions :) Much love, lots of light and Namaste!

Dating- Red Flags Are Red #2

More examples of red flags from cheaters, dishonest men and deceivers. Protect your heart, respect your body!

How to Get Over Your Cheating Ex!

How to Get Over Your Cheating EX! 

He's not worth your pain, you are a divine goddess and deserve to be treated like one!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and become happy right now! 
Stop caring about him! If he's stupid enough to cheat on you, he's not serving of your time or attention! 

Love yourself, this is the most important thing to do when you're feeling sad and lonely. You are not alone! We've all been through this, harness your inner goddess and manifest your own destiny!

Oneness, Love, Peace, and Namaste. 

Are you an Empath ?

Go from Vulnerable Empath to Powerful Empath. Setting Energetic Boundaries, Clearing your Energy and Navigating through this sometimes lonely, spiritual experience. Love, lots of Light, Peace and Namaste my friends.

Are you an Empath #2

Karuna Reiki& The Power Self Love

Karuna Reike, Crystal healing for the Emotional and Auric Bodies with the amazing Jenica Lake. Travel with me as I meet higher beings that emanate love, self love and the manifestation of the power within during my powerful Reiki session. 

Is Someone you love Suicidal? 

Stay healthy in the process of supporting a loved one that is suicidal. 
Check out when you need to. 
Know when you could no longer be emotionally supportive. 
Reach out, you cannot go through this alone. 

Is Someone you Love Suicidal #2

He's Just Not That Into You!

Are you the Chaser and Aggressor in relationships? How's that working out for you asa female? Are you getting meaningful relationships out of this behavior? 

Quit sabotaging yourself in relationships by repeating the same mistakes!

Wondering if he's really into you? Well if you chased him, had sex with him immediately,  and you continue having to chase him to get his attention and affection, well he's probably just taking advantage of you!

If a guy wants to be with you, he will make it happen no matter what!
Wishy Washy Men are a waste of time! Men with double standards need to be kicked to the curb! 

If he can't be honest with you and tell you what he wants out of your relationship, pull back, pumped the breaks, and stop being so damn easy! 

Keep Calm and carry on because he's probably just not that into you. 
Learn from your mistakes, and practice self control when you are dating! 

Date, Date, Date multiple men- practice makes perfect!!!

Watch for the dishonest SNAKES! If he's telling you you're "his favorite", I promise you he's saying the same thing to other women.   

Learn more from: 
Coach Corey Wayne

The Rules:

And of course Practice Dating! Practice makes perfect!!


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